The Chrysalis is a self-development method to rapidly change your life in 100 days or less.

This method is perfect for anyone who wants to start or finish a project, heal from a relationship, trauma, attract a better job or even start a fitness regime. Whether you want to change yourself or something in your life, The Chrysalis will lead you to being happier and healthier – mind, body and soul – within 100 days or less.

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Like a caterpillar changing into butterfly, I guide you through a proven process of healing, care and growth, towards any goal that you may have for yourself or your life.


“Whether you want to heal from your past or grow and change into something new, entering The Chrysalis will be one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences of your life. In fact, it will lay the foundations for everything that happens in the rest of your life.

By committing to ‘Project You’, you will clear out the weeds of your life, dissolve negativity; create new positive habits,  a new vision for you life, experience seismic shifts, and see the world in a brand new way.”


Change can be a scary thing, but not changing can be even scarier!

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are right now, there is a hidden opportunity in every moment to reinvent or recreate yourself – to be, do or have anything you most desire or dream for your life”

– Hannah Swanston in ‘The Chrysalis’ – is also a self-help book and transformational guide that will be published in 2020.

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