“Of all the things I’ve been trained in, this method gives me goosebumps. Not only have I changed my life in minutes, but so have my friends, family and clients – which is probably why everyone wants a slice of PSYCH-K (AKA: The Genie in the Bottle!)”

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What is this PSYCH-K Sorcery?

To cut a long story short (because just like electricity – you don’t need to know exactly how it works, you just need to light up your life), PSYCH-K is a super-fast process that changes your subconscious beliefs, so that you can start living and attracting the life you desire and deserve.

You can read about why we need to master the subconscious mind here (but please come straight back!)

Apart from advanced hypnotherapy (which is timely and pricey), PSYCH-K is the fastest, proven process out there to heal from your past, re-write and re-wire your limiting self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours, you can start thinking and acting like the super-happy and super-successful ones do. You know, the ones that seem to have it all figured out. The ones that seem to have it all? Well, so can you. 

How I use PSYCH-K in my coaching practise

Combining various techniques, tools and methods from NLP to kinesiology, I’ve fused PSYCH-K  with my unique coaching method to turbo-boost my client’s sessions, so they can have rapid transformations.

Most call me the next day to say something along the lines of: “I slept for the first time in weeks”, “I feel like a new person,” “Things seem to be changing quickly”, or “can you believe it, I got a call this morning about a new job?!”


If you let me PSYCH-K your life, together we will:

  1. Rewire your brain and re-programme your mind with the most empowering beliefs. The beliefs you wish you had.

  2. Create a badass vision for who you most want to be, what you most want to do and have with your life (Sky is the limit here, we’re going all out!).

  3. Coach you with a plan to make your dream life and dream self become a reality.



“When you rewrite the software of your mind, you change the printout of your life… and the world!”